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The translation is not the mere transcription of a word into another. The original text has to be respected in every way. The ability to restore the actual meaning and spirit of it represents many essential aspects that demand a true expertise in terminology and linguistics as much as a good experience of the profession.

Cétrad works with a team of professional, trustworthy translators able to deal with all your translation projects.

A network of skilful translators specialized in the following fields:

– Technical (operating manuals, technical drawings, instructions for use…)

– Commercial (sales contracts, estimates/quotations, partnership agreements, mails…)

– Marketing (brochures, web sites…)

– HR (employment contracts, training agreements, training programs…)

– Winemaking industry…

Short deadlines, great responsiveness for a 100% of satisfaction from our customers

Either source or target language combinations:

Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

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